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Taken 3 Game Free Download, Taken 3 is the third title of this most popular series Tekken fighting games.It is developed by the Namco company and it is published by the Namco company.It was first time released for Arcades in March 1997 and for Playstation(PS) in March-September 1998.The game tekken 3 iso firstly released in 2005 for the Playstation 2 as part of Tekken 5’s.This game is realy widely considered one of the best game of this series.Tekken 3 is that game which was firstly released on Namco System 12 and 13.Game tekken 3 was the last title of this huge series.Ocean of games offer you free download of taken 3 iso.Taken 3 Game Free Download

Deatils of  Game tekken 3

Release On: Arcade: March 20th, 1997 and for Play Station : May 26th, 1998

Developers company: Namco

Publishers company: Namco

Series: Tekken Games

Game Genre: Action,Fighting

Platforms: PC,laptop

Modes of players: Single / Multi

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Taken 3 Game Free Download

Game tekken 3 maintains a same core fighting system and conception as its predecessors in the last one and brings  things for you like several enhancements, like considerably additional elaborate HD graphics and HD animations, fifteen new and latest characters supplemental to taken 3 game play game’s listing, additional fashionable music and quicker,faster  and additional fluid gameplay are added.

takken game

Tekken 3 was the first Tekken to features a do over minor game call “Tekken Force”,with marked the player in many stages against foes in a side controlling fashion.Taken 3 Game Free Download player successful in the completing his mission of mini game four times,Dr. Shostakovitch would be unlocked and player will be playable character Fifteen years behind the King of the Fist Tournament 2, Heihichi Mishimaa has been established the Tekken Force,Paramilitary foundation decided to the defense of the Mishmash Zaibaitsu.

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