Lemuria Lost in Space PC Game

Downloa Lemuria Lost in Space  game free, Complete version game , start playing and have fun.

Lemuria Lost in Space PC game

Game was released for PC users on 18th March, 2017

Lemuria Lost in Space PC Game

Lemuria Lost in Space PC game is a combination game. It includes puzzles, mysteries and adventures. Adventure includes the survival, click adventure and also the RPG. There is a space ship given for the exploration purpose. You have to explore approximately 100 rooms of the spaceship. Player will only be able to complete the mission in case he solve the puzzles in the different rooms. There was a crew which is missing now for seventy years. You now have to find out the mystery behind that. Name of the crew was Lumeria 7. You will seeing a unique game play in this game. And the story line is so interesting. Full secure link for the game is given at the end.

Lemuria Lost in Space Download For Free

Major Properties of Lemuria Lost in Space PC game

The following features are there as follow:-

Amazing adventurous game.

Game have both puzzles and adventures.

You have to reveal the crew mystery.

Challenging small games included.

Story line of the game is deep.

Visuals of the game are amazing.

Lemuria Lost in Space Features

The game Lemuria Lost in Space has these PC Requirements

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-

The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7/8+8.1

Size of this Game :- 4.5GB

Space on Hard disk you need:- 6GB

Random Access Memory (RAM):-2GB

Central Processing Unit(CPU):-Intel Core 2

Lemuria Lost in Space Setup Free Download

Lemuria Lost in Space Free Download

Online and full secure link of the download Lemuria Lost in Spacegames is below ,Click and download fully freely and enjoy the game.


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