Call of duty infinite warfare beta code

All You Need to Know about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta Code

Passionate gamers were eagerly waiting for the launch of Infinite Warfare Beta. The wait was over on 14th Oct, 2016 with availability of beta code for PS4 players. It is a must have for all gamers who enjoy multiplayer gaming. In this article, we have gathered all the relevant information so you can fully enjoy it:

Call of duty infinite warfare beta code

Information about Beta Code Content

Ocean of Games

1. How much storage is needed for the Beta file?

Lots of content is added to the Beta, the approx. size of the file is going to be around 20GB. The time needed for downloading the file will vary depending on server traffic, connection speed and location.

2. Will the Beta Code have any Zombies or Campaign content?

No, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta Code is especially launched for competitive multiplayer.

3. Which maps are included in the Beta?

Throwback: It is a 1950’s Main Street, USA neighborhood located on a torus-shaped, rotating, giant space station. A huge circular street is at the perimeter, while the large center square with various avenues of approach. Players will get wide range of engagement options sue to two opposing windows.
Frost: It is about a research facility set at the top of the icy surface or Europa – moon of Jupiter. Sufficient opportunities are available for rapid encounters and vertical combat around smooth modular features showcasing this frozen battleground.
Frontier: This map consists of a small portion of a huge space station that is orbiting around the Neptune planet. The main action is directed along a central, long corridor which has side paths. These paths provide a feature of strategy and an inhibited lower lane for gamers craving chaos.

4. Is this launch is worldwide available?

The Infinite Warfare Beta will be available depending on player’s territory.
That’s all for the moment. Stay tuned to Oceans Game for more info!



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